Are your devices NLJD?

No, they are not. There is a great difference between our method and NLJD. Unlike the NLJD, there are no transmitters in our devices. Our method detection is based on receiving of low-frequency radio emission from switched ON electronic devices.


Do your devices work on the same method as MSD (CEIA) ?

No, they don’t. The difference is that our method is not based on measurements of static magnetic field. Therefore, our method can only detect switched ON electronic devices but insensitive to ferromagnetic metals.

Can metal objects or switched OFF electronic devices be detectable?

The EH-BOX1 and EH-CONV systems are completely insensitive to metal objects or switched-OFF electronic devices. This allows them to detect the switched ON  electronic devices without a lot of false alarms from metal parts of bags and various packages with their metal contents. EH-MD1 is a combined device. The one of its channels is a metal detector. By using hand held device (EH-MD1), you can detect either metal objects or switched On electronic devices.

For what purposes can EH-MD1 be used ?

  1. Protection from unauthorized audio and video recordings during your negotiations.

 If a person entering into negotiating room he should be informed that their electronics must be switched off. Then, the security staff should detect unallowed devices in his pockets by using EH-MD1. It is important that after inspection the visitor should be staying under visual supervision and he will not be able to switch on the unallowed device.

  1. Finding Bugs in rooms and GPS-trackers in cars.

We have the ability to search for tracking devices and bugs in cars and rooms. If you are using our device EH-MD1 for searching GPS-trackers in a car, you need to turn off the car engine first. It is necessary that all electronics in your car (audio system, navigator…) are switched off.

                     с. Checking your personal device for correct shutdown. 

With the help of EH-MD1, a person can be sure that his phone or tablet is really completely turned off and there is no spyware that collects information even during the device being turned off.

    For what purposes can EH-BOX1 be used ?

    The main purpose of EH-BOX1 is to search for prohibited switched ON audio/video recording devices and improvised explosive devices. EH-BOX1 can expand the ability and speed of detection by using it in manually luggage inspection.

    The EH-BOX1 system can be used in combination with x-ray as a additional way of detection. Moreover EH-BOX1 can be powered by a battery and can be easily carrying by car, which allow use our devices in such situations when x-rays are not being used.

    For what purposes can EH-CONV be used ?

    The purpose of EH-CONV is finding improvised explosive devices in luggage at the airports. The EH-CONV1 system can be used separately or in combination with x-ray as a additional way of detection.  EH-CONV1 can be installed without any major changes and reconstructions of existing conveyors (we needed 2.5 metres lengths of conveyor). The systems offer archway applications and designs which won’t interfere with luggage. It can be hooked to an existing security system by using USB or Ethernet.